Hario Filter Starter Kit

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About the Product

The V60 drippers are one of our favourite methods of making coffee. It’s just one of the easiest ways of making great filter coffee. If you are just making a cup for yourself then the individual drippers are great, just pop it on top of your mug, or on top of a jug for a couple of cups. The 01 size is best for an individual cup, but the 02 can do this or a a few cups at a time.

Both the 01 and the 02 size comes as Hario's white ceramic version.

This bundle comes with a pack of 100 filter papers (Japanese 01's or European 02's), as well as your choice of a bag of our award winning Good Morning Sunshine, Under Milk Wood, or Lamplight Decaf coffee. Please just choose if you would like the coffee in beans or ground format.

Check out our brewing guides to learn how to get the best from it.