Colombia El Placer 100% Yellow Bourbon - Natural

Jasmine notes, cherry, lemon and ginger
Roast Level: Light

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Farm & Region:
Finca El Placer, Calarca, Quindio
Natural - Carbonic Maceration Extended Fermentation
100% Yellow Bourbon

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Sebastian Ramirez’s El Placer, based in Calarca, Quindio, is a pioneering farm. This natural has undertaken carbonic maceration using cherry must and a lactobacillus, experimental fermentation.

Working with Sebastian and El Placer is a new relationship for us in 2021, but one that we see extending well into the future. He’s already prepared three micro-lots for us, and each one has not only captured our imagination but delivered new and unique aromatics and flavours. We were introduced by our friend and supply partner, Roger Zapata of Los Cafes Del Arriero.

Quindio is the beautiful heart of the Colombian coffee belt, and Finca El Placer, in Calarca is owned by fourth generation producer Sebastian Ramirez who has been running the estate for over 10 years. He utilises washed, honey and natural processing and has a beautiful array of heritage varietals, including Geisha, Red, Pink & Yellow Bourbon and Wush Wush. All processing undergoes extended, carbonic fermentation and Sebastian also adds coffee “must” from the cherries to aid flavour development during the long fermentation. The coffees are then slowly dried on patios and raised tables.

In this particular micro-lot prepared for Dark Woods, lactobacillus has been introduced during fermentation to drives deeper, more complex flavours. Sebastian has access to a microbiology lab that helps in the development of innovative coffees like this.

Tasting Notes
Jasmine notes, cherry, Sicilian lemon and ginger

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Ideally for filter methods