Advanced Barista Skills Modules

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Dark Woods Modular Training Program

A new approach to Barista training which allows coffee education and attainment to be both tailored and measured. It includes many resources including daily espresso calibration and cleaning sheets and is delivered in 90 minute “modules”, each with their own exercises and checkpoints. It is supported by our full colour training booklet  which includes brew charts and the SCA colour wheel as well as further training tips. Modules 1 and 2 are recommended together as an ideal 3 hr introduction to Advanced Barista Skills Modules.

Module 3 – Advanced Brew Recipes

  • Understanding dose, yield, grind and temperature
  • Measuring and charting TDS and extraction %
  • Manipulating espresso flavour
  • How does your coffee affect brewing choices?

Module 4 – Advanced Milk

  • What is in your milk?
  • Latte art tips and tricks
  • Working with non-dairy milks
  • How does milk affect coffee flavour?

Who is it for?

–       Competent baristas who want to progress their skills; fine tune their espresso and improve their milk technique
–       Anyone familiar with the basic calibration of a grinder and milk foaming techniques
–       The course is aimed at commercial espresso machine users but keen home baristas are welcome too, although they will need the competencies detailed above

The course takes place here at the roastery near Marsden, West Yorkshire. It starts at 9.30am and finishes at about 12.30pm.

(Notes on disabled access: Our mill has no steps to access it and has flat floor surface throughout the training area, as well as parking outside on the same level. The espresso machines are set on counters at approx 9050mm height, although we can make accommodations for a lower set machine if required, with prior warning. We have two disabled toilets. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask).