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Common Grounds – Barrel Aged Coffee

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We are delighted that Common Grounds has won a coveted 3-star Gold award in both the 2017 & 2018 Great Taste Awards. GTA judges commented that it “has great nose; feels like you can taste the barrels in the aroma. It delivers a big hit of blackcurrants and forest fruits. With milk, the fruits are even more pronounced. Funky, sweet, rich, and smooth. Delicious. 3 star.”

Last year saw the launch of Common Grounds, a collaboration with ourselves and Magic Rock Brewery, to make the the ultimate triple coffee porter. This collaboration has now gone even further.

Magic Rock use whiskey barrels to age some of their beers in. This mellows the flavours of the beer and adds complexity from the wood and the traces of whiskey. The same effect can be found when you store green beans in the barrels. We use washed Ethiopian coffee from Yirgacheffe, that is “aged” in a Bourbon barrel for a couple of week before roasting

The results are stunning. A faint aroma of the whiskey (especially when you grind it!) gives way to a sweet smooth vanilla flavour. Just delicious.

Please note that, as each batch has to be aged in the barrel for up to two weeks, there can sometimes be a short wait for coffee to be roasted.

(Our current white packaging is in effect until the end of January 2018 when we will be changing to our new yellow and blue packaging)

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