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Costa Rica Finca Sabana Redonda, Las Lajas Micro-Mill

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Oscar and Francisca Chacon were pioneers of “honey” and natural processing in Costa Rica.

Following on from offering their red honey processed coffee where an amount of the sticky fruit is left around the beans as they are left in the sun to dry, we now have their natural process coffee, where the whole fruit is dried around the bean. This adds sweetness and body to the coffee.

The micro-mill is one of the only certified-organic mills in the area, with the Chacons taking their environmental impact very seriously


Farm: Finca Sabana Redonda, Central Valley Costa Rica
Altitude: 1450m
Variety: Caturra, Catuai and Villa Sarchi arabica
Process:  Natural Process
Berry fruits, caramel, chocolate and a lemon acidity



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