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Colombia Luz Chasoy - Finca Bella Vista

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As an origin, Colombia is renowned for its clean and vibrant fully washed coffees, but this is an amazing example of a complex, slow-dried honey processed coffee – a rarity in these regions. And you can really taste the difference in the cup.

 Doña Luz is a member of the indigenous Inga community, and her family is based near to Aponte in the mountainous Nariño region. They manage 3 coffee farms within the local reserve, with Finca Bella Vista being the largest, and situated at a lofty 2000m.

Once harvested and pulped, the coffee is dried within its “honey” (the sticky sweet mucilage covering the coffee beans) on raised beds in covered greenhouses, and regularly turned and raked until dried to an optimum humidity. This can take up to 30 days in total, lending extra flavour and complexity to the cup.

This is the second year of buying some of this unique coffee from our importer friends, and it’s a firm favourite here.

Farm: Finca Bella Vista, Aponte, Tablon de Gomez, Narino, Colombia
Altitude: 2090m
Variety: Colombia & Caturra arabica
Process:  Honey Process
Clementine, golden syrup, allspice and lime.



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