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Colombia Jario Humberto Lopez

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A unique micro-lot produced by Jairo Humberto Lopez on his 16 hectare Finca Villa Norena coffee farm in the Tolima region, one of our favourite sources of Colombian coffee. Located near to the Nevado del Tolima volcano in Ibague, the towering peak is a direct influence on the diverse micro-climates on the farm and combined with the favourable altitude these help shape the complex flavours of this coffee.

This coffee represents the next offering in our ongoing Colombian micro-lot series, and is every bit as enjoyable as last month’s syrupy-sweet Honey from Luz Chasoy. Benefitting from high-altitude and careful washed preparation it is bright, clean and incredibly fragrant in all brewing methods. On the nose I got sweet notes of buttery ginger biscuits and jammy fruit which were an encouraging sign of a tasty coffee to come. Blackcurrant fruit compote and nectarine, delicate notes of orange flower water and rich shortbread combine to deliver a superbly balanced and appealing cup. 

In trials we found it rewarding to work with across a wide range of brewing methods; filter brews are sugar-sweet and espresso is bright yet balanced. Despite the high levels of acidity it also works exceptionally well with shorter milk drinks where the jammy blackcurrant notes and rich, biscuity tones stand out in this characterful and moreish coffee.  

Farm: Finca Villa Norena, Ibague, Tolima
Altitude: 1750m /
Caturra, Typica & Yellow Bourbon arabica
Variety: Caturra, Typica & Yellow Bourbon arabica
Process: Fully Washed
Flavour: Juicy blackcurrant, nectarine and butter shortbread

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