Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira

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More often than not we have to work hard to find exceptional coffee. Either by tasting countless roasted samples at the roastery or by travelling to origin, our buyer Damian rarely has the good stuff just fall into his lap. This outstanding and unusual natural coffee from Brazil is the rare exception in that it was waiting for him early one morning when he came into work. Sat on the doorstep of our roastery was a family friend of the farmers at Fazenda Cachoiera and amongst his samples was this coffee…

Coffee processing is undergoing a period of experimentation as more money moves through the speciality supply chain and farmers work increasingly closely with end users to explore wild new variations on traditional techniques. This extended natural process allows a degree of additional controlled fermentation to occur, driving a profound fruit complexity that I’ve never experienced in Brazillian coffee before.


Farm: The Barbosa family. Fazenda Cachoeira, The Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1105m
Variety: Red Catuai arabica
Process: Fermented Natural
Filter – Cox apple, mulled wine, pecan, intense!
Espresso – Kirsch, dark chocolate, candied nuts, winey  (banana flumps/strawberry cream in milk)



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