Burundi Maramvya, Nkanda Washing Station

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The PROCASTA coffee organisation was started by Pierre Nyzeyimana in 2012 and offers exceptional facilities to the 2500 smallholder farmers who use it. After a career spent both as a farmer of various crops (including coffee) and a washing station manager, Pierre understands both the challenges faced by farmers and what infrastructure is required to process exceptional coffee. A family man with three sons who he one days hopes will take on the station, he also cares deeply about his farmers and is quoted as saying that their happiness is his number one priority. 

We purchased this small lot from Homage Coffee Source, a US based exporter who we came into contact with in Summer last year when their UK contact Maddie visited the roastery with pre-shipment samples. It's a pleasure to be able to showcase the final product and we are really pleased with how it's turned out. Given that we also have a more delicate washed African coffee on this list, we took the decision to develop this one a little more in the roast to emphasise body and sweetness, partly with a view to producing a great SO espresso as well as a plump and crowd-pleasing filter. I'm convinced that we've done just that. In the cup I find lots of toffee-apple notes, dark cherry fruit and a full body. As espresso the acidity is moderate and well-balanced for a high altitude, washed African coffee and carries a fragrant hint of sweet almond which this makes it a delicious brew with both with or without milk. 

Farm: Maramvya, Nkanda Washing Station, Ngozi Province
Altitude: 1700-1900m
Variety: 100% Red Bourbon arabica
Process: Fully washed
Red apple, black treacle and hibiscus



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