Colombia Mikava 100% Red Bourbon - Natural

Fragrant, with berry fruits and juicy orange notes
Roast Level: Light

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Farm & Region:
Mikava Estate (Finca Marsella) Risaralda
Natural - Carbonic Maceration Extended Fermentation
100% Red Bourbon

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Finca Marsella is a small farm located just outside overlooking the town and three active volcanos in the centre of the Colombian Andes; Nevado del Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Nevado del Tolima.
This farm sits just below the La Nona Reserve protected forest between 1,710-1,792 meters above sea level with an average temperature around 19 degrees Celsius. Planted here are 1.5 hectares of Bourbon and Typica coffee trees, 3 hectares of Gesha and Enano Gesha, also known as, Dwarf Gesha, and .5 hectares of Sudan Rume. The farm is dissected by a water way coming from the Reserve called Que Brada La Nona. A large portion of the farm and its borders are surrounded by protected forests. There is a unique micro-climate at Marsella that brings rain showers, thunderstorms, and cooling breezes, making this location exceptional for producing rare, distinctive, and award-winning coffee. 

Mikava Estates, founded in 2013, is owned and operated by Paul Kevin Doyle, an American who has lived in Colombia for over a decade. Paul and family developed from running a coffee cart, to a café and roastery in the Pacific Northwest before turning his attention to coffee production. With support from his son Kevin, they decided to buy a beautiful coffee farm in Marsella in the Risaralda region of Colombia, and to focus on the finest, quality driven arabica varietals, processed using modern techniques. Inspired by techniques from the wine industry, particularly carbonic maceration, they experimented with these methods to bring out more sweetness, complexity, fruit and floral notes in the coffee.

We were introduced to Paul’s coffees in 2020 by Roger Zapata of Los Cafes Del Arriero, and we released small batches of Marsella Red Bourbon and Santuario Gesha to incredible customer feedback. These coffees have focused on an experimental, extended fermentation on the coffee cherries, undergoing carbonic maceration inside CO2 injected tanks, and then slow drying on marquesinas (multilevel solar dryers.) Drying can take up to 60 days in total before reaching the desired humidity. Temperature and pH levels are monitored during fermentation.

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Tasting Notes
Berry Fruits and orange notes - juicy and sweet

Suitable For

Ideally for filter methods, but does produce a bright and juicy espresso