Bolivia Santa Barbara Community

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Mid-altitude Central American coffees like this are what we at Dark Woods tend to call “coffee coffees”. Let me explain! Often with speciality coffee, extremes of altitude or unusual processing methods can result in complex fruity flavours and bright assertive acidity which although exciting and memorable are a long way from most people’s everyday coffee experiences. Though you might reasonably argue that this is exactly what makes it special, we believe that there is room at the table for coffees with a more familiar, more “coffee-like” character.

This coffee from the Santa Barbara Community, a group of small-holder producers based on the Eastern slopes of the Andes in Bolivia is sweet, balanced and tasty with notes of wafer biscuit, milk chocolate and raisins. It has a moderate acidity and full-body which makes it a really enjoyable all-day drinker, suitable for all palates and preferences.


Farm: Santa Barbara Community,
Altitude: 1500m
Variety: Typica & Caturra arabica
Process:  Fully Washed Process
Filter – Milk chocolate wafer biscuit and raisins, smooth



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