Yunnan (China) Ou Yang

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Something new for Dark Woods customers this month as we present a Chinese coffee on our single estate list for the very first time. We have had access to good, clean Yunnanese speciality coffee for a while now and although it blended well, the washed examples we purchased lacked the necessary wow-factor to make it onto our singles programme. This natural coffee from pioneering producer Ou Yang however showed something extra and we’re delighted to share it with you.

It delivers all the bold, fruit-forward flavours you might want from a natural coffee but with more intriguing notes of rose and cocoa nibs lurking beneath. These come out especially clearly when brewed as an espresso with milk where the overall result reminded me a little of chocolate covered Turkish delight. As a filter I also found a subtle herbal character on the finish that is hard to place but is similar in character to a green tea. This coffee is big, complex, extremely characterful and a wonderful introduction to Chinese speciality.


Farm: Produced by Ou Yang
Altitude: 1250m
Variety: Catimor arabica
Process: Natural Process
Filter – Strawberry, Elderberry, Rose, herbal
Espresso - Cocoa nibs, bramble fruit, rum, tart



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