Burundi Kirema Washing Station

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This bright and zesty coffee comes from the privately owned Kirema washing station in Kayzana province, a region of Burundi famed for excellent coffee and home to many past Cup of Excellence winners. In the area coffee is a subsistence cash crop and is farmed by smallholders with around half a hectare of land on average. Cherries are delivered to a central washing station or nearby collection point and day lots are created from these. Most mills and washing stations used to be government owned but many are now in the hands of private organisations which has helped to drive quality and development within the area and the mills themselves.

I found this coffee really enjoyable, with an assertive lime character offset by sweet toffee and notes of black tea. Both the espresso and filter were very citrus heavy which I personally found more balanced as a longer brew, but for those who enjoy their shots juicy and zingy there is lots to enjoy in this coffee. Best pulled short with a longer brew time as this espresso is fairly light bodied and needs a bit of work to tease out the sweetness.

Farm: Smallholder producers, Kayanza province
Altitude: 1800m
Variety: Bourbon, Jackson & Mibirizi arabica
Process: Fully washed
Filter – Lime, caramel, black tea, juicy
Espresso - Lime, toffee, bright and zesty



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