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Costa Rica Finca La Trinidad, La Chumeca Micro-Mill

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La Chumeca is owned by Martin Urena, one of three brothers who have been coffee producers their entire lives.

To ensure their Naturals always comprise of the best ripest cherries, they have rigged up two large tanks with fresh water piped in to do a quick “float” sort, diverting damaged and defective beans through gravity and the force of the water.

He has also been experimenting with anaerobic fermentation, sealing the cherries into a distillery tank (specially ordered from Korea), for a few days before transferring the cherries to the drying beds to become full naturals


Farm: Finca La Trinidad, San Isidro, Leon Cortes, Costa Rica
Altitude: 1700m
Variety: Catuai arabica
Process:  Natural Process
Red apples and rose. Clean, crisp and sweet.



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