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El Salvador Finca Pena Redonda 100% Pacamara

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Carlos Mauricio Lemus Landaverde is a young producer who inherited the 4 hectare Finca Peña Redonda after his coffee farming father, Jose Maria Lemus, passed away.

 We’ve bought coffee from this farm in the past – primarily the family’s naturals – and found the quality and flavour profile fantastic, so it’s a pleasure to work with their coffee again. The efforts in quality also saw the family win an award in the 2017 El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition.

This coffee is from the Pacamara Arabica varietal, an El Salvador developed hybrid between Pacas and Maragogype. It really suits higher altitude growing conditions, developing a large, dense bean with a sweet, sweet and savoury cup profile. We’ve always found that it’s best to develop the roast a little more with this Pacamara, to increase the body and deep chocolatey tones in the cup.

After picking, de-pulping, and sorting the Pacamara cherries, Carlos coffee lays out the coffee on raised beds to dry for around 15–18 days. The honey processing here lends the coffee extra sweetness and richness, without pushing the fruity fermentation elements that you can find with a heavier honey process.

Farm: Finca Pena Redonda, La Palma, Chalatenago
Altitude: 1500 - 1550m
Variety: 100% Pacamara arabica
Process:  Honey Process
Damson, chocolate, hazelnut brittle and syrupy



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