Kenya Kamundu Estate

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We have held off bringing in Kenyan coffees for some time, holding out for that stunning example of what we know the origin can offer. This amazing coffee from Kamundu Estate was worth waiting for with the big juicy blackcurrant hit we were after.

The coffee is naturally processed, a rarity for Kenya. The cherries are carefully turned on raised African beds for up to 6 weeks.

Probably one of the reasons that great Kenyan coffee is harder to come by is that a lot of the estates outside Nairobi (Kamundu, is just north of Nairobi), are getting sold off for property development

Farm: Kamundu Estate, Kiambu, Kenya
Altitude: 1,950 m
Variety: SL34 arabica
Process: Natural
Flavour: Juicy blackcurrant & wine gums


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