Panama La Huella Red Honey - 3 Star GTA Winner

Toffee and red fruits, syrupy body
Roast Level: 1

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Farm & Region:
Canas Verde, Boquete
Altitude: 1600m
Process: Red Honey
Variety: Catuai Arabica

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Three star award winning product: Great Taste Awards 2020                       

An exceptional direct trade micro-lot exclusive to Dark Woods, produced by Canas Verdes and processed by La Huella, Cafe de Panama.

Our colleague Pedro Moss from La Huella, has been perfecting the processing of the already superb beans from the region, to produce an array of different varieties and styles. Its been a tough year bringing in the 2020 harvest throughout the pandemic but the final results have been stunning. Four of his coffees have won Great Taste Awards this year (and so there are more to come), with this one taking the top 3 stars.

The green coffee is honey processed with a period spent in anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions. This pioneering method borrowed from the wine industry creates different microbial activity to standard honey or natural processing and the end results can be spectacular and surprising. Here Pedro has delivered a winning combination of extreme sweetness and fruity complexity without any hint of excessive boozy or funky notes. It's a classy and elegant coffee that is best brewed long to appreciate it's delicate charms.

Tasting Notes
Clean, super-sweet, exceptionally balanced with a red berry acidity

Suitable For

All non-espresso brewing methods