Rwanda Kinini Washing Station

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Jacquie Turner, who hails from Rwanda but lives in the UK, had a grand plan to provide sustainable help to farmers in the Northern Region of Rwanda; to help heal many of the atrocities of the past. Together with her friend Malcolm Clear, and some assistance from the Rwandan Government, they provided a regular income to the local farmers to plant and develop coffee farms that would not start earning an income for some years to come. Malcolm, whose experience was in the building trade, put this expertise to good use by developing a state of the art washing station.

The project is now a few years in, supporting 622 farmers in the region, and producing some fantastic coffee.

You can't get more direct trade than this - it was delivered to Dark Woods in the back of Malcolm's car!

Farm: Kinini Washing Station, Northern Province, Rwanda
Altitude: 1800 + m
Variety: Bourbon arabica
Process: Washed
Flavour: Muscovado sugar and dried cranberries


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