Rwanda - Musasa - Dukunde Kawa (Washed)

Very fragrant and citrusy with flavours of black tea, berry fruits and molasses
Roast Level: 2/5 (Light-Medium)

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Farm & Region:
Musasa (Dukunde Kawa) Co-operative Women Producers / Gakenke District, Northern Province / Ruli Washing Station
Fully Washed
Red Bourbon Arabica

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Musasa (Dukunde Kawa) co-operative has four high elevation washing stations in the Northern Province of Rwanda. This particular coffee is sourced from the Ruli Washing Station - founded in 2003 -in Gakenke District and 100% provided by women producers.

Musasa (Dukunde Kawa) Co-operative

Rwanda is renowned for bright, floral and citrusy high coffees, grown at high altitude and using classic, fully washed processing. A lot of the arabica trees are Red Bourbon varietal so using a heritage coffee really helps with the sweetness and complexity of the coffees. The Musasa (Dukunde Kawa) co-operative was one of the very first to gain recognition in the UK, with our supply friends Mercanta working closely with them and export partner RWASHOSCCO for over 15 years. The co-op formed in 2003 with Ruli being one of its very first washing stations. There are four in total, including the Nkara Washing Station, supplied by over 2000 farmer members in the Northern Province of Rwanda. Musasa means ‘a place to make a bed’ and Dukunde Kawa means ‘let’s love coffee’ in Kinyarwanda.

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Tasting Notes
Very fragrant and citrusy with flavours of black tea, berry fruits and molasses.

Suitable For

A range of filter and soft brew styles