Deer Hill

Notes of hazelnut and chocolate
Roast Level: 3

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Farm & Region:
Colombia El Ata, India Kalladavarapura, India Harley Estate, Brazil Passeio
Altitude: Various
Process: Washed, Washed, Washed, Pulped Natural
Variety: Specialty grade arabica and robusta

coffee details

Over the years we received an increasing number of requests for a traditional Italian style of espresso. This made us nervous as they can often be bitter from over-roasting and the addition of cheap Robusta. However, with our curiosity piqued we set about making the best version we could; an elegant modern interpretation in the Dark Woods style.

Starting with sweet and balanced specialty arabicas from South America and India we then add high quality Robusta from the award-winning Harley Estate in India. Left mid-roast this results in a smooth, rich and full-bodied espresso that will make people reassess this style.

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Flavour wheel
Tasting Notes
Milk chocolate, toasted nuts, fudge, gentle acidity

Suitable For

Originally designed for espresso but works well across all brewing methods