Espresso Trio (3 Different Roasts)

Roast Level: 2,3,4

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Various arabicas

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If you are an espresso lover, moka pot master or just a fan of rich and full-flavoured coffees then look no further than this collection of three best-selling blends. Roasted light, medium and dark you'll be able to explore the effect of a roaster's choices on the flavour profile of a coffee. Only available as beans.



Arboretum is a multi-award winning coffee (two-stars in the Great Taste Awards 2017, and one star in 2018). Taking the best of current crops, this espresso is designed to highlight the fruitier side of coffee, left lighter roast to retain those citrus flavours.

The current blend is Colombia El Ata (washed arabica), Panama Diamond Mountain (natural arabica) and Costa Rica San Lorenzo (washed arabica)

Tasting notes - A showcase of fruit and citrus


Under Milk Wood

We are really proud of our under Milk Wood. It's a multiple Great Taste Award winner (including a coveted Golden Fork in 2016) and a firm customer favourite. This espresso blend is designed to deliver familiar flavours rather than challenge. The roast level (medium) is carefully balanced to avoid bitter flavours associated with some traditional espresso blends or the acidity of some lighter blends, whilst letting the sweetness shine through. Under milk Wood is very versatile and also works well in cafetieres and drip filters.

The current blend is Brazil Fazenda Passeio (pulped natural arabica), India Kalledevarapura Estate (washed arabica), Ethiopia Aricha (washed arabica)

Tasting notes - Melts to smooth caramel in milk (also great black!)


Crow Tree

Dark yet bright, this is a true rarity in the work of specialty coffee. Though darker roasts are typically associated with cheap commercial coffees, we believe they are a legitimate style if done with care and high quality greens. The mainstay of this blend is a coffee from the women only Asproagro co-op in Peru, part of the Femenino project which supports female agricultural workers around the world. We pay direct premiums for the best lots and these have funded life changing infrastructure projects in the area.

The current blend comes from Peru Asproagro Community (washed arabica) and Honduras Finca La Guadeloupe (washed arabica)

Tasting Notes - Quality dark chocolate, clean with a hint of fruit

Tasting Notes
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Originally designed for espresso but work well with all brewing methods