TempPal Sticker Thermometer

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About the Product

TemPal stickers are perfectly designed to help you foam perfect milk. A thermometer sticker that you can attach to the side of your favourite foaming jug. Its simple traffic light design is clear to see while you are concentrating on foaming your milk.

It turns to green when you switch from foaming (the little chirping sounds as you break the surface of the milk and add the air) to texturing the milk (taking the steam wand a little deeper into the milk, and on the side, and so it swirls into a wonderful creamy consistency rather than big bubbles). When its just hot enough it turns orange.
And if you have gone too hot turns red.

The "one dot" version here is specially calibrated to be sensitive to react for smaller foaming jugs up to 500ml.

Just a simple sticker that may help you master your milk skills.
It is dishwasher safe but we recommend handwashing your jug with the sticker on, to prolong its life